Winner-Bids-Free Friday is coming!

On Friday, September 16th, if you win a Pricebenders auction, you’ll automatically receive all of your bids back! Yes, for EVERY auction on September 16th you’ll have the opportunity to…

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Tohu Māori (Koru).

Logo & Identity Design                                                     

A Māori tohu utilising traditional Māori graphical elements (Koru). I am not aware of the whakapapa/meaning associated to this piece,however it will be known to the owner of the original sketch and the organisation for whom it was created.This Tohu is part of an identity project and was recreated in vector form from a reference drawing. This work was done while under contract for Think Big Designs based in Palmerston North of the Manawatu region.Tohu Māori (Koru).




Internet Marketing

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